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Humans, Vampires, Werewolves, oh my! Yes, I'm sure by now that if you haven't seen or read it, you've at least heard of the Twilight Saga. If not, it's a book series written by Stephenie Meyer after she had a dream about Vampires. The book series was soon turned into one of the biggest blockbuster film franchises ever. There are a total of 4 books that make up 5 movies.

Twilight: Bella firsts meets Edward and falls in love with him. She discovers the truth about Vampires and what they're like.
New Moon: After an incident with Jasper, Edward "breaks up" with Bella and disappears with his family leaving Bella an empty shell. She comes out of her depression while hanging out with Jacob when she learns the truth about Werewolves/Shape-Shifters.
Eclipse: Bella Graduates from High School and fights off a vampire army. She also battles with her heart, this is where the term "love triangle" sets in.
Breaking Dawn: Bella & Edward get married, have a honeymoon that ends with a pregnant Bella. She nearly dies while being pregnant, but then gives birth and becomes a vampire. After that she & her new family must go up against the volturi with the help of some new friends.

My favorite relationship would have to be Alice & Jasper. Rosalie & Emmett come in a close second. I think all of the characters had a tragic start (except Emmett, I think being mauled by a bear is the easiest) and the fact that they were able to find solace in each other is awesome!

The soundtracks to the movies are great too. My favorite would be Twilight since I can listen to all of that one. The others are only certain songs.

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Teen Wolf was created by Jeff Davis and currently airs on MTV. The show is currently on break as it films Season 3. Season 3 is set to premiere on June 3, 2013. For the first 2 seasons, Teen Wolf was only 12 episodes long, but due to the success, MTV ordered a full 24 episode run.

The show first focuses on Scott McCall, a teenager who gets bit by a Werewolf and begins to undergo physical changes. Soon after being bitten, we are introduced to Derek Hale, a born Werewolf who is hoping to teach Scott in order to get in touch with the Alpha who bit him.

Scott McCall - Tyler Posey
Derek Hale - Tyler Hoechlin
Stiles Stilinski - Dylan O'Brien
Lydia Martin - Holland Roden
Allison Argent - Crystal Reed
Jackson Whittemore - Colton Haynes
Peter Hale - Ian Bohen
Erica Reyes - Gage Golightly
Isaac Lahey - Daniel Sharman
Boyd - Sinqua Walls
Danny - Keahu Kahuanui
Sheriff Stilinski - Linden Ashby
Melissa McCall - Melissa Ponzio
Mr. Argent - JR Bourne

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